Kobido Diploma Course: Level 1


Kobido Level 1: Class Description

Kobido Level 1 you will learn 30 of most foundational techniques, which is essential for the Kobido practice. These 30 techniques are most frequently used techniques that essential for the Kobido facial.

You will also learn how to connect these 30 techniques to begin to create basics of how to create Kobido facial treatment. We introduce 18 basic pattern of the connection in this level.

You will also learn history, heritage and principal of art of Kobido, with 160 page full color official textbook. 

Level 1 Class Schedule: Fall 2022

Kobido Grandmaster's Live Zoom Training: Level 1

  • November 1st, 2022

  • November 8th, 2022

  • November 15th, 2022 

16:00 to 18:00 hours in Tokyo time

Class is limited to 14  students to participate.

Registration will starts October 1st, 2022.

Online Class Size: 

To ensure your personal attention by the Kobido grandmaster, we keep Zoom training limited to 14 participants per class.

Tokyo classroom training is not available non-Japanese students, unless you can understand and speak Japanese.

Online Video Lessons: Level 1

Kobido Level 1 training study, your training assist with over 100 title, over 22 hours pre-recorded video lessons.

Video training is 5-week self-study course. But just in case, we give you access full one year from your registration.

Kobido Official Level 1 Techniques (worldwide standard)

Warning: This is international standard techniques for the Kobido Level 1, set by the Intentional Kobido Facials Association with the house and lineage of Kobido in Tokyo, Japan. If you not learning these set of techniques, you instructor is fake, or you are not studying real Kobido at all.

Technique 1: Willow-Brush Under the Mandible

Technique 2: Willow-Brush Along the Mandible

Technique 3: Melting-Stroke from the Forehead to the Chin

Technique 4: Combination of the Techniques 1 and 3 

Technique 5: Combination of the Techniques 2 and 3

Technique 6: Circular-Squeeze Around the Eyes (Part 1)

Technique 7: Circular-Squeeze Around the Eyes (Part 2)

Technique 8: Circular-Squeeze Around the Eyes

Technique 9: Alternating Melting-Stroke

Technique 10: Paddle-Lift on the Sides of the Face

Technique 11: Paddle-Lift on the Sides of the Temple

Technique 12: Paddle-Lift From the Chin to the Forehead

Technique 13: Circular-Floating Technique Around the Eyes

Technique 14: Circular-Floating Technique with One Finger

Technique 15: Circular-Floating Technique Around the Face

Technique 16: Rolling Willow-Brush Over the Chin

Technique 17: V-Support Against the Lower Lip

Technique 18: Feather-Stroke Above the Lip

Technique 19: Willow-Brush on the Sides of the Mouth

Technique 20: V-Support on the Sides of the Mouth

Technique 21: Glide-The-Crease Along the Nose

Technique 22: Push-N-Pull Over the Nasal Bone

Technique 23: Cross-Pushing Over the Spine of the Nose

Technique 24: Circular-Floating on the Sides of the Nose

Technique 25: Glide-The-Crease Along the Edge of the Nares

Technique 26: Scoop-Up Between the Eyebrows

Technique 27: Fascial-Release Between the Eyebrows

Technique 28: Brows-Aligning Stroke

Technique 29: Horizontal Paddle-Lift Over the Forehead

Technique 30: Paddle-Lift Over the Forehead

Kobido Level 1: Official Training Complete Package


You are also receiving a package from Japan containing the following products:

  • Official Kobido learning manual of 160 pages in color.

  • The Level 1 textbook is available in English and Japanese with choice of, French, Spanish or Italian.

  • Facial Mannequin

  • KOBIDO® Tropical Splash Toner (150 ml free sample)

  • KOBIDO® Sakura ReHydration (Free sample of 100 ml)

  • Level 1 practical guide sheets (laminated)

  • Official KOBIDO® postcards (samples in English, French, Italian and Spanish)

(Tropical Cleaner, Kobido Toner and Sakura ReHydration cannot be shipped to Spain)

Tuition and other fees: Level 1

Kobido college diploma training, Level 1 tuition is based on:


€998 euros for the apprentices from the rest of the world.

($998 USD for the North and Central American apprentices. Please contact us for invoicing in USD).

It will be 49 euro (worldwide same fee) for the shipping fee your package.

No other fee for this training.

Examination and Certification

No Examination or Certification at participating Level 1 Training.

Registration Process: Level 1