Kobido Diploma, Certificate and Examination


Kobido College: Diploma Award (Level 7)


Kobido Diploma will be awarded during the Kobido college graduation ceremonies after your completion of Level 7. Your Kobido college diploma will be awarded by the The 26th generation master of house and lineage of Kobido, followed by the photo taken with the grandmaster.

Certification and Examination: Level 4, 5 and 6

Kobido Level 4, 5 and 6 training for the Kobido apprentices only. 

There will no examination on levels 4, 5 and 6.

If your study progress is not satisfactory, the grandmaster will ask you to repeat same level one more time, or arrange private Zoom lessons with the grandmaster. The private Zoom lessons must be paid with skincare purchase credit.  

Certification will be automatically awarded to the official Kobido apprentices.

No certification fee, it is including with your apprentice member services. We do not ship Certificate separately. We will be including to next your Kobido skincare order.

Certification and Examination : Level 3


After Completion of Zoom class Level 3, you are able to take. Level 3 examination with Grandmaster.

About Level 3 exam:

Level 3 exam is private online Zoom session with the Grandmaster. You must perform Level 1 through 3, all 120 techniques. In oder to pass this exam, you must able to perform in satisfactory level 100 techniques out of 120. This is open book examination and you be given about 30 second each techniques. 


  • Exam and evaluation fee: 299 euro for one hour private Zoom exam with Grandmaster.

  • Certification fee: 49 euro for a certification, 10 euro for the additional copy of certification, if needed.

  • Shipping fee: 49 euro for express shipping via DHL or UPS international shipping cost.

Notice: Since certification exam require extensive administration, and current Covid-19 pandemic in Tokyo area, Kobido office is not currently unable to offer Level 3 examination at moment. Once we begin to offer the Level 3 exam, we will be posted here. We are hoping offer starting in later this year. Grandmaster's availability is 1 or 2 exam per months. (September 2022)

For Kobido Skincare professional partners (Official Apprentice of the 26th Generation Master of Kobido), please skip Level 3 exam and move onto the Level 4 training. Level 4 certification is free for the member and will be awarded without exam.

Kobido Level 1: Official Training Complete Package